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Is a Christian psychologist any different from a standard psychologist? Do Christian psychologists merely offer standard therapy while also happening to be Christian?

Aren’t psychologists supposed to be value-neutral? Shouldn’t psychologists leave their belief systems at the door so as not to influence the client?

In what way can my communication issues with my spouse, my anger problems, depression and anxiety, eating disorder, or addiction benefit from being addressed from a Christian perspective?

If these are questions you’ve had, please read on to see why we believe that Christian psychologists are unique, charismatic, and life-changing. 

Psychologists That Align With Your Values

Our Calgary-based Christian psychologists and Christian Provisional Psychologists are fully qualified to provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples dealing with a variety of issues in their lives and relationships.

We allow you to choose intentional counselling from a faith-based perspective to offer you the best possible level of therapy. We believe that faith impacts every area of who we are and how we heal, and that because of this, Christian psychologists offer freedom and healing in a way that other psychologists simply cannot.

Christian psychologists are not value-neutral. The reality is that every psychologist has values, whether they are implicit or explicit. Of the two, implicit values can be much more dangerous because the counselor's value system will always subtly influence and inform the manner in which he or she leads sessions and directs support and recovery. When a psychologist shares your values, you receive a higher level of therapy.

What We Believe

We believe that people are created with inherent value. Our hearts and minds are made to seek meaning and purpose in life. In our experience, this pursuit of meaning and purpose can be best exercised once judgment and condemnation have been stripped away. We believe that, in Christ, we are freed from the bonds of judgment and that shame-free, guilt-free relationships with ourselves, each other, and with God are possible.

We believe in restoring marriages, healing family relationships, and breaking cycles of addiction, anger, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Our hope is that children would be raised and treasured by both of their parents, and that individuals and families would walk free from addiction, depression and anxiety. We centre our sessions around our belief that dignity must be protected, that truth matters, and that God has given every person the freedom and the power to choose life and walk in healing. We believe that, in Christ, forgiveness is possible for anything.

Hope for Restoration

Over the past nineteen years in Calgary, we have been working to save marriages, transform families, and break cycles of addiction. Undergirding all of our services is our core belief and hope in the power of restoration.

Our belief in restoration informs our therapeutical approach in all of our numerous services. We seek to set clients free by healing the heart of anger problems, eating disorders, PTSD, and debilitating cycles of stress, anxiety, and panic. We hold to the hope of restoration as we provide services for spiritual direction, as well as support and healing for those walking through grief and loss. We provide a listening ear, empathy, and the deepest respect as we meet you where you are at and work with you to move you forward in your healing. We don’t believe in Band-Aid-style solutions. We take problems seriously and work to address them at the root level.

Our Services

Our Calgary-based Christian psychologists, provisional psychologists and registered counsellors are fully qualified to provide counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples dealing with a variety of issues in their lives and relationships.

Addictions Counselling

Living trapped in a debilitating cycle of addiction is isolating, lonely, and has devastating consequences. Regardless of whether the object of your addiction is alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, television, etc, the addiction quickly and quietly assumes near-total control of your life.

As the addiction begins to occupy increasing amounts of your time and energy, your life and most treasured relationships can implode. The pain of watching your life fall apart in turn fuels your desire for your drug of choice, sending you right back into the arms of your addiction. If this is you -- trapped and lost in your addiction, desperately wanting freedom, but feeling powerless -- please know that there is hope.

Our proven addictions counselling services are fine-tuned to help break the cycle of your addiction by addressing it not at the surface behavioural level, but at the deepest root level: your thoughts and thinking patterns. The truth is that you are not powerless; you are created to think and choose life, freedom and healing. Let us equip you with the tools that you need to rediscover this God-given power. If you’re done living in bondage, please contact us today.

Couples Counselling

Perhaps you have been watching your marriage slip away for years. Or you’ve stumbled across his browser history, only to be greeted with a list of pornographic websites that leaves you reeling. Maybe you’ve felt her resentment building towards you for years, but your attempts at communication only seem to make things worse. The emotions that accompany marital conflict, betrayal, or infidelity can be astronomic and overwhelming. Half of all divorces occur within the first seven years of marriage. And yet, in the midst of the challenges and emotions that are tearing a marriage apart, many couples never seek support or therapy. Unfortunately, when couples try to solve problems on their own, they often end up ignoring problems or addressing them in unproductive ways. Christian psychology can help.

We have nineteen years of experience in supporting couples to manage conflicts, anger and disagreements. If you are seeking conflict resolution, healing from infidelity, or simply a deeper connection, please read more about how we can empower you to heal and grow your relationship.

Family Therapy

When communication breaks down in your family, your sense of place, home and self can be greatly disrupted. Family provides us with a strong sense of belonging and safety, and when the family unit experiences internal conflict, it can be intensely painful. As the definition of family continues to grow and change, we recognize the increasingly complex level of issues that families are experiencing. Family therapy has been proven to be immensely helpful in assisting family members to deal with these issues. We want to support and lead you to communicate, connect and share in ways that can heal and transform your family. If you are feeling lost and unable to communicate effectively, please read more to see how we can help you bring your family back together again.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Losing someone you love has an enormous impact on every area of your life. The grieving process can render you exhausted, empty, lost, and unable to care and provide for yourself or others. Those walking the path of grief often feel intensely alone. Perhaps you have friends who, with good intentions, try to cheer you up or impose a timeline on your healing. Maybe you are questioning whether you are grieving the “right way”, or wondering why you still feel so distant from the person you used to be. The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Many factors influence our reaction to grief and loss, including personality, support system, and our relationship with the person lost. We understand that grief is a journey that will look different for everyone. In addition to equipping you on your journey through grief, Christian psychology offers a unique, faith-based perspective that recognizes that, even through death and loss, our grief is accompanied by hope.

Please contact us to learn how our trained grief counsellors can walk with you on your journey of grief and help ease the burden of your loss.

Eating Disorders Counselling

Maybe a loved one has begun to express concern over your health. Or perhaps your doctor has diagnosed you with an eating disorder. You may be feeling extremely reluctant to consider treatment, and this is very common among those living with an eating disorder. We understand your struggle. There is a complex web of psychological, emotional, mental, neurological factors that interact to create eating disorders. Additionally, these factors work together to prevent individuals from seeking treatment. We believe that the root of eating disorders is emotional pain, not food. Thus, our approach does not focus on weight gain or eating management, but instead on exploring and healing who you are as an individual.

In our sessions we will focus on your needs, beliefs, triggers, and thinking patterns. We seek to assist you in rebuilding confidence, reducing anxiety, and restoring flexibility in your thinking. If you’re tired of trying of relying on willpower and failing over and over again, please contact our experienced eating disorder counselling team. We want to empower you with the tools you need to set yourself free.

Anger Management Counselling

Have you become a victim of your anger? Do you hate your rage and the loss of control you experience, yet feel powerless to change? Improperly managed emotions of any sort can create serious problems in our relationships, and anger is no exception. On its own, anger is a healthy emotion that provides us with important clues and feedback about perceived danger and harm. It’s a signal light that lets us know when we need to address something. When we haven’t learned how to express anger appropriately, it can overflow its banks and manifest in harmful ways such as yelling, breaking things, and indulging in rage. Christian psychologists offer anger therapy that goes beyond basic anger management. We work with the deeper primary emotions that underlie anger, and explore these emotions to learn how and why they trigger the secondary emotion of anger. With this knowledge, we can effectively teach you how to regain true control over your anger. If basic anger management techniques are not working for you, our anger and rage therapy services may be what you need to understand and control your emotions.

Stress, Anxiety and Panic Counselling

Maybe this is the third time you’ve rushed out of the office this month. Clawing the elevator buttons, you lean your head against the door and try desperately to steady your breathing. Or perhaps a normal outing to the grocery store is interrupted when you become overwhelmed with a palpable sense of panic for no reason that you can identify. Maybe you lie awake at night more and more often, wondering how you are going to make it through the next day. Stress and anxiety are normal and healthy in small doses, but were never meant to be a chronic part of our lives. When these feelings become dominant, they can negatively affect you in your relationships, work and and personal life. We believe that a healthy state of mind, body and emotions creates and sustains a satisfying and panic-free life.

Christian psychologists are trained to address the factors at the heart of your anxiety and give you the tools to manage and heal it. If simple breathing techniques aren’t working, our team of experienced stress, anxiety and panic psychologists would love to work with you to help you create a foundation of peace in your life.

Spiritual Direction

Are you feeling lost and alone, even though things are going generally well? Are you feeling unsure of who you are or wondering about the direction in which your life is moving? Or perhaps life has taken an unexpected turn and you’re dealing with a wayward child, a shattered dream, or questions you don’t have the answers for. When we’re feeling lost and life becomes complicated, we naturally seek spiritual direction and guidance. We look to someone or something beyond ourselves to help us cope with loss, answer our questions or even point us towards healing for PTSD. Christian psychologists believe that our faith and spiritual needs are an incredibly important part of us, and as such, deserve great respect and attention. If you’re feeling lost and alone, please seek out a spiritual director that shares your faith and values. We’d love to come alongside you to provide guidance for whatever you are facing.

Christian Psychologists Work to Create Healthy Independence

We believe that therapy is not a game. Our goal is not to keep you in sessions forever. Christian psychologists walk beside you on your healing journey with the specific end goal of equipping you to walk out the door with the tools you need to thrive in your life and relationships. In our sessions, we meet you where you are at, but intentionally move you toward accomplishing specific goals, learning certain skills, and acquiring new abilities to move you forward in your healing.

Our Calgary-based team of Christian psychologists and other professionals are pleased to offer a level of professional registration that should enable you to access your employer benefits. Additionally we work with your EAP plan and issue official receipts so that you can seek reimbursement from your private insurance.

If you're looking for a Christian psychologist in Calgary offering therapy that is unique, powerful, and aligned with your value system, please reach out to us today. We would love to support you on your healing journey.

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